New Novel Sneak Peak: “Energies”

I saw this post from my good friend, @JasiKelly on Instagram, and was inspired to see if I could work it into the story… I think I found a way that’ll work


*plays Beach Boys “Good Vibrations” to start class*

We know that all things emit energetic frequencies. We know that all things connect through their energies, or they conflict because of their energies. If you search “energies” on the internet, you’ll get a hodge-podge result of scientific studies as well as philosophical, metaphysical, and spiritual entries as well.

If you look up the “energy frequency of love,” you’ll find numerous results on how it is 528 Hz. If you look up where scientists found this and get a concrete answer, let me know, because all I find are “previous studies have shown” bologna and that doesn’t help the analytical side of my brain.

That side wants hard facts! But that’s not why we’re here is it? We’re not necessarily here to talk purely theoretical either, but it goes without saying that much of our conversation ends up going in that direction, eh?

So, the frequency of love—528. There’s even a song, but again, that’s not the focus of today’s lecture. If love is at a frequency of 528, I don’t know a lot about science—that’s not my expertise—but that seems pretty high. Especially when I search the scientific frequency of humans and find a bunch of semi-helpful articles but only one that gives a hard range of 62 to 68 Hz; another source said 72 to 90.

Regardless, even on the high end of that range, we’re 438 Hz away from love! A rose is closer to that, at 320 Hz! Maybe that’s why the floral industry pushes us to share roses, they know we can’t reach that level of love on our own.

So, what might this mean? That the hippies of the sixties with their free love and pot were onto something with their good vibrations? That just might be the case…

There have been some reports that positive thinking can raise one’s vibrations. Meditation can raise it even more. It sure seems like roses help to bring up a person’s frequencies. Might that be the key to connecting? Reaching that frequency of 528 that some scientists simply use in an attempt to heal DNA but that many have now deemed “the frequency of love”?

We’ve talked about connection with others—through touch, through words, through actions—but what if that’s not enough? What if every corny-teenage-self-help-fashion magazine might have had a point about loving yourself first? What if every pothead-higher-place-comic-relief character in film and TV had a point about vibing with other people?

What if it takes more than compromise and it takes feeling a little silly and trying to “get on someone’s level”?

It takes a lot of work to connect even at a surface level, but when you throw this research into the mix, it’s apparent that it takes even more than we thought. So, with this new information, what do you think? How might it affect how you connect with others? How might we use it both to our detriment—can we?—and to our benefit?

So perhaps, it doesn’t matter how else you connect with someone—touch, words, et cetera—maybe it just matters if you’re on the same wavelength. Then again, maybe those other tools, those other demonstrations get us closer to compatible ones.


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