Welcome to A Little Bit of Happiness! I believe that happiness makes the world a better place to live and would like to spread some love and smiles to all. Right now, I’m focusing on spreading happiness through sharing my love of storytelling via my book blog and access to my other writings!


To feel is to be human.
To be human is to tell stories.
To tell stories is to be vulnerable.
To be vulnerable is to bear your soul to others.

When you bear your soul, you connect with theirs.
The many become tied together in a bond like none other—
Their story becomes yours, and yours becomes theirs.

And it is these stories that leave their mark on the collective human experience…

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My name is Hannah Stewart and I want to share a little bit of happiness (and new information) with you! This blog started out as one for a class, but I’ve loved curating it so much that I plan on continuing it. With a nice mix of fun and serious information, but with a current focus on books, I hope to keep y’all interested and coming back to read more!

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I’d love to hear from y’all, feel free to drop a note below!