Some Favorites…

Looking for something inspirational or just something to make you smile? Here’s a list of some of my favorite videos, talks, and podcasts!

Mixtape I threw together of songs that I’ve been digging lately

Podcast: Pretty Zen – by one of my very good friends, and it’s literally the only reason why I got Spotify. I especially loved Episode two, “Turing Point//Attracting Your Soul Family.”

This adorable little 6-year-old singing “I Wish You Love” and “Moon River”

Yoga Playlist: Yoga with Kassandra is high key my favorite yoga-YouTuber, I love her voice and vibe while she’s teaching, here’s a variety of classes ranging from 5-10 minute wake up stretches to 30-60 minute classes for strength, flexibility, or grounding

TedTalk: YouTube video – Your elusive creative genius | Elizabeth Gilbert

Podcast: Latino USA – How I Made It: Jessie Reyez

Podcast: Latino USA – Portrait Of: Residente

Podcast: The Cut – Turning to Tarot, I have mixed feelings on tarot/the occult, but I found it absolutely fascinating how these three readers approached it so differently