Goosin’ Around

I've got one more review for y'all! I'll be taking April off, but until then, take a look at my thoughts on Goose Summer by Carol Samson. (This review also appeared in the Left Hand Valley Courier; and here's a link to the vlog) Like with poetry collections, I think it's a little tricky to [...]

Paranormal Happenings

I don't watch reality t.v...well not really, I do love me a good ghost show. I've always been interested by the supernatural and paranormal, so that's why I was so excited to check out A.D. Wills' novel, (Para)Normal Society: Island Complex. Oh, and here's a link to the vlog too! We meet Curtis, he's not [...]

Allowing for Some Change

I have always loved Greek Mythology. One of my first books I remember receiving was Kate McMullan's Say Cheese Medusa! and since finding the 'Lore Olympus' webtoon online, I've gobbled up those episodes like the most dedicated Kardashian fan. So, when J.S. Frankel reached out to me about his book, What the Gods Allow, I [...]

Art Re-tail

I always enjoy partnering with Inkberry Books in Niwot, Colorado because I'm always recommended such interesting titles. This week, I had the pleasure to review Bruce McDougall's novel, The Lizards of Palm Beach. This is a tale about two brothers, a gold-digging teen, a flamboyant art dealer, a Jeffrey Epstein-like art collector, and other people [...]

Right in the Feels

Some of us writers have our writing idols; others feel a connection to those who came before. In poet Elisabeth Horan's case, after a bout of postpartum depression, her book Just to the Right of the Stove was born, and in part inspired by Sylvia Plath. (Psst, you can also access my vlog here!) Plath, [...]

Not in His House

I remember watching the Leonardo DiCaprio version of Romeo and Juliet and thinking it was really weird that they were in rival gangs (I'm more of a Zeffirelli girl, myself). But this is kinda what Kristifer Ann's new book is like! The House of Marchetti takes this powerful mob boss and a small-town girl from [...]

A Ballad Worth Telling

I think it's safe to say that if I come across a historical fiction, I'm going to like it. Alina: A Song for the Telling is no exception. Author Malve von Hassell is a wonderfully creative and detailed writer, so the book was an absolute joy. (Psst, while I've got you, I also have a [...]