And….We’re Back in School!

Some of why I’ve only been able to write bi-weekly is because I have a campus job (and don’t live close to campus), and have been slammed with errands to be completed before school starts. That being said, with classes starting tomorrow, here’s five tips to help make this year a success!

One should get lots of sleep and hydration. I know it’s tough sometimes, especially with 11:59 pm deadlines on papers, or parties, or roommates, but sleep is important! It’s the human version of “turning it off and on again,” and is a good thing to reset. If you’re anything like me, you might have some trouble sleeping, and that’s normal, if you have a lot of trouble sleeping, though, you might wanna get that checked out. Hydration is super important too, dehydration can lead to fatigue—que needing more sleep—or other irritating side effects like headaches. If simply bringing a water bottle around campus/school is still not enough to remember to stay hydrated, there are plenty of apps out there that can help. I know, it’s crazy to think that there’s app to remind you to drink water, but if that’s what works for you to stay healthy, it’s worth it!

Two many pieces of pizza sound good now, but won’t later. (See what I did there, I can be punny.) Food’s super important, we all pretty much love it, but not all of us treat it with as much importance as we should. Sure pizza or Panda sound good and are cheap and easy, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best choices. If you don’t have the option to buy your own groceries, try your best to hit at least every food group at a meal. I know it can be difficult, as someone who loves bread and other carbs, it’s tempting to get just the pasta and garlic bread, but it’s always good to throw in a carrot or an apple. Lastly on food, don’t skip out on breakfast, whether or not you think it’s the most important meal, it helps get you going and helps keep you going. Opt for something light like yogurt and fruit if you’re not a big breakfast person, or you can go the traditional bacon and eggs route if that’s more your speed.

Three can be a crowd, so make some time for yourself. Even extroverts need time to recharge themselves. Whether you just have you time in the car or you have a whole day to yourself, make it count. You don’t need to be with people all the time and you don’t need to always be doing something. Take some time out of the week to just do you—take a bath, binge watch your favorite show, or try that recipe that you found online. Being alone doesn’t have to be sad and it doesn’t even have to be a time for reflecting, it’s an opportunity to re-center yourself and get a grip on whatever it is that you’re normally busy with.

Four success, plan it out and be prepared! Whether you like to schedule out your life digitally or old school with pen and paper, it helps to have some sort of visual of your schedule. There are tons of apps you can use, I’m really into these bullet journals myself, to get your life organized. Between classes, work, clubs, friends, and dates, you’ll likely find yourself grasping at straws trying to make time for everything that’s important, so find a way that works well for you and go for it! If you’re not sure what you might need to stay ahead of the game, there are tons of lists online that can help you out too. Bed Bath & Beyond and Target have great lists for dorm/apartment essentials, and here’s another great list for school supplies (it has preschool through high school).

Five is good company, so make some social time! Not to get all social psychological on y’all, but humans are social creatures, we need to make connections. So while it’s important to make time for yourself, it’s also super important to make time to hang out with others. Study groups are great for some people, if you need to actually be productive and social, or you can just go out with friends. However it is that you choose to hang out, and whoever you choose to hang out with, switch it up! Maybe go to the movies one night with co-workers, and then have a pasta night with some friends from your class. Just make sure that you leave enough room for your other responsibilities.

Bonus tip: college, and even senior year of high school really, can make you feel invincible. But just remember that it’s okay to ask for help; whether it’s problem in your math class or problems with your s/o, it’s okay to go to someone and talk it out. Don’t be afraid to get a tutor or take a visit to the counseling office, you won’t be the only one there, you’re not alone in whatever you’re having a tough time with. So my final bit of advice to you is to ask for help when you need it, it doesn’t make you less cool, it actually makes you more aware of yourself and more ahead of the game!


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