Not at all Foolish

Absolutely thrilled to be part of the blog tour hosted by Valley Press for June Wentland's new book Foolish Heroines! I definitely stayed up past my bedtime to read it, it was so engaging! (Ooh, and here's a quick link to the vlog too) So, three things come to mind immediately when thinking about the [...]


Coding Yogi Zen

I first was given Yogi Cameron's The Yogi Code a few years ago when I started semi-regularly going to yoga classes in college. I started reading it then, but only got probably a chapter and a half into the book because it wasn't the right time for me to read it. Now, after about fifty days of [...]

In Search of… Something

"I love books," he said. "And isn't it funny that little black marks on paper can be so good? Pieces of paper and little tiny black marks and you've got a story." (Axline, 202) Let me tell you a true story about another true story... (psst... if you're wanting to check out the vlog, click here!) [...]

A New Novel, Expect It

I'm baaaack! I suppose I shoulda started this a week ago so y'all had recommendations during the start of these quarantines. So here you go: Love, Unexpectedly by Susan Fox. Wanna check out my vlog on the book? Click here. If you enjoy rom-coms, this is 1000% a book you should try out. It's sexy and [...]

Addressing the Past

I've always found stories of lost families interesting--babies switched at birth, secret famous rich ancestors, that sort of thing. But rarely do those stories have such intrigue as the Camden family in Fiona Davis's The Address. Split between 1884-86 and 1985-86 New York, Davis tells the convoluted story of the Camdens: Theo the Gilded Age architect, [...]