Always Finding Rainbows

This review originally appeared in the Left Hand Valley Courier, March 22 edition. Some of my friends have called me a “keeper of stories,” and as much as I take pride in that title, I don’t feel as though I’ve lived enough to be a keeper of my own stories yet. Instead, I collect others’, [...]


The Mind’s Power

When I first received a copy of The Power of Mind: A Tibetan Monk’s Guide to Finding Freedom in Every Challenge by Khentrul Rinpoche, I was excited to see what was in store. I’ve always been interested in spiritualism and philosophy, and more recently, I began my own meditation practice and completed my yoga teacher [...]

A Colorado Ski History

Sometimes I feel like a “fake” Coloradan because I’ve never gone skiing. But after reading Abbott Fay’s A History of Skiing in Colorado provided by Inkberry Books, I have to say that I am more intrigued by the sport. I was fascinated by the book’s anecdotes, such as how Mount Werner and Hughes’ Run got [...]

Constant Breaks from California

This review was written for the Left Hand Valley Courier, in partnership with Inkberry Books and will appear in the Nov. 22 edition of the paper. You all are getting a sneak peek! I don't read memoirs very often, which is a shame because they are so unique and interesting. That's certainly the case with [...]

How to be Wise

This book is not a casual read. It is a quick one, sitting at just over 100 pages, but it definitely shouldn’t be rushed. This month, Inkberry Books lent me Danae Shanti’s book Wise Inside, and I honestly didn’t know what to make of it at first. Initially, especially based on the cover, I thought [...]

Black Earth, Big History

This month’s Inkberry Books Review is special for a couple of reasons. First, it’s very timely considering current events; Black Earth by Jens Mühling is a nonfiction account of the author’s journey through Ukraine. Second, the book was translated from German by Inkberry’s very own Gene Hayworth. (sorry y'all, I've got a new day job [...]

Food, Faith, and More

This review originally appeared in the Left Hand Valley Courier Partnering with Inkberry Books for these monthly reviews is always a pleasure because I’m exposed to authors and topics I wouldn’t usually choose for myself. This was certainly the case with Francesca Howell’s book, Food, Festival and Religion (FFR)–an academic book, this tome is certainly [...]

Author Profile: Francesca Ciancimino Howell

This profile originally appeared in the Left Hand Valley Courier Many have dubbed America to be a “melting pot” of cultures that has coagulated into something totally unique. Other scholars argue that the country is more of a tapestry, where some cultures are maintained and others are transformed. For Francesca Ciancimino Howell, this tapestry metaphor [...]