(Not) Assumed Innocence

I find it kind of funnily apropos that my lawyer-uncle gave me The Law of Innocence by Michael Connelly as a gift a few years ago. We somehow often get each other for not-so-secret Santa and equally often exchange books. This week, I finally got around to reading it and man alive, it was so good, [...]


One Secretive Cabin

I'm the kind of person who reads the Wikipedia synopsis of a scary movie instead of watching the film because I don't like scary stuff. Somewhat surprisingly, I do like ghosts--that's actually the only kind of "reality" tv I'll watch. Brenda Lyne's upcoming book The Thirteenth Cabin (aka. TTC; to be released Sept. 13) isn't [...]

Gifted Secrets

Imagine this--your kid is about to graduate and go off to "the real world," your favorite great-aunt-in-law dies, your spouse dies, and some historian writes you (it's present day, and as much as I love snail mail, it's not that common, let's be honest) about putting on an exhibition about your great-aunt. Well that's exactly [...]

Rose Gold

Y'all. Jessica Olson's upcoming book A Forgery of Roses (coming out next month) is DELIGHTFUL. It's funny, it's dramatic, it's romantic, it's magical... I cannot tell you how much I liked it! (and here's a link to my vlog so you can hear me fangirl too) This is a complex book--it's fantasy, it's romance, it's [...]

Provencal Mysteries

Y'all. I did it, I started a series on the first book! Also--move to make a new subgenre of murder mystery, I think it should be called something like "umbrella-drink-vaction-murder-mystery" books. Serena Kent's Death in Provence is witty, engaging, and not at all overwhelming. There are forensic elements that are so juicy and the character [...]

Not Lost on Me

Imagine, for a moment, that you had a sister, whom you loved desperately. One night, the two of you went to bed together--you're little, it's not weird--but what is weird is that when you wake up the next morning... she's gone. Now imagine that you're a single parent, you and your child, whom you love [...]

Dark Secrets

I keep getting variations of crime/thriller novels and I am eating them up! (Though a computer-battery fiasco held up my reading for a few days, much to my dismay) So here are my thoughts on Nik Grybaski's novel Black Danube: A Leo Katz Mystery. By the way; here's a link to my vlog! This is [...]