Always Finding Rainbows

This review originally appeared in the Left Hand Valley Courier, March 22 edition. Some of my friends have called me a “keeper of stories,” and as much as I take pride in that title, I don’t feel as though I’ve lived enough to be a keeper of my own stories yet. Instead, I collect others’, [...]


Constant Breaks from California

This review was written for the Left Hand Valley Courier, in partnership with Inkberry Books and will appear in the Nov. 22 edition of the paper. You all are getting a sneak peek! I don't read memoirs very often, which is a shame because they are so unique and interesting. That's certainly the case with [...]

Coding Yogi Zen

I first was given Yogi Cameron's The Yogi Code a few years ago when I started semi-regularly going to yoga classes in college. I started reading it then, but only got probably a chapter and a half into the book because it wasn't the right time for me to read it. Now, after about fifty days of [...]

Again, From the Top

In college, I majored in communication, and not the useful, PR kind. I majored in the super academic, "but what does it mean?" kind. So, between my appreciation for rhetorical, and otherwise, analysis and for British sit-coms, I was instantly drawn to and amused by Richard Ayoade's Ayoade on Top. However, the book itself took my interest [...]