New Novel Sneak Peek: “Gifts”

Whenever I think of the love language of gifts, I always think about my interpersonal communication professor my sophomore year. She said that gifts were never that important to her, but that's how her mom showed now she has a gazillion trinkets and other stuff from her mom. *** I want you all to [...]


New Novel Sneak Peek: “Words of Affirmation”

Here's the next installment of my sneak peaks! *** Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much we know something. Sometimes we need the verbal validation and affirmation that we are correct or that we have approval. Thank about it. You may know that your math homework is correct or that your grammar in your essay is, [...]

New Novel Sneak Peak: “Touch”

I've decided to start a new novel! The basic premise is that it's a rom-com between  collegiate Professor Elena Soler and a potential adjunct Professor Rafa Villalobos. Soler teaches a course on connection and lectures about the five love languages. The first is touch... *** We all want, no, need to be touched. Yes, laugh [...]