I have to be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect when I picked up Yonder (set to be published this May) by Ali Standish. I love the selection at The Wandering Jellyfish and their recs, but I don't read a ton of middle grade. On the flip side, as book seller Allie teases me, [...]


Allowing for Some Change

I have always loved Greek Mythology. One of my first books I remember receiving was Kate McMullan's Say Cheese Medusa! and since finding the 'Lore Olympus' webtoon online, I've gobbled up those episodes like the most dedicated Kardashian fan. So, when J.S. Frankel reached out to me about his book, What the Gods Allow, I [...]

Dark Secrets

I keep getting variations of crime/thriller novels and I am eating them up! (Though a computer-battery fiasco held up my reading for a few days, much to my dismay) So here are my thoughts on Nik Grybaski's novel Black Danube: A Leo Katz Mystery. By the way; here's a link to my vlog! This is [...]