More than Kind of Awesome

From the time I was little, my mother would tease me saying I was Belle from Beauty and the Beast because I "always had my nose stuck in a book." Thanks, Mom. But also--Thank you, Mom for getting me three fabulous books for Christmas, I've loved sharing them with you all! The last of my Christmas [...]


The Daughter’s Journey

I am very excited to share my latest book with y'all! This week, I tackled Pam Jenoff's The Ambassador's Daughter and I loved it. Click here to check out the companion vlog to this post! The story follows Margot Rosenthal, a 20-year-old German girl who is muddling her way through life immediately following the end [...]

Stories Make Us

In a number of my many communication classes, we learned that stories are what makes us human. There are theories on how storytelling indicates higher intelligence and whatnot, but more importantly, stories are what brings us together. Have I got a story for you: Rafi Mittlefehldt's What Makes Us. This was such a good book [...]