Gifted Secrets

Imagine this--your kid is about to graduate and go off to "the real world," your favorite great-aunt-in-law dies, your spouse dies, and some historian writes you (it's present day, and as much as I love snail mail, it's not that common, let's be honest) about putting on an exhibition about your great-aunt. Well that's exactly [...]


Allowing for Some Change

I have always loved Greek Mythology. One of my first books I remember receiving was Kate McMullan's Say Cheese Medusa! and since finding the 'Lore Olympus' webtoon online, I've gobbled up those episodes like the most dedicated Kardashian fan. So, when J.S. Frankel reached out to me about his book, What the Gods Allow, I [...]

In Search of… Something

"I love books," he said. "And isn't it funny that little black marks on paper can be so good? Pieces of paper and little tiny black marks and you've got a story." (Axline, 202) Let me tell you a true story about another true story... (psst... if you're wanting to check out the vlog, click here!) [...]

Stories Make Us

In a number of my many communication classes, we learned that stories are what makes us human. There are theories on how storytelling indicates higher intelligence and whatnot, but more importantly, stories are what brings us together. Have I got a story for you: Rafi Mittlefehldt's What Makes Us. This was such a good book [...]