Bonus Blog! Theo Tan & the Fox Spirit

Y'all. I know what you're probably thinking... "A review, on a Tuesday?? What's up with that?" But when I finished Theo Tan and the Fox Spirit, I just had to share my thoughts! Also, thanks to The Wandering Jellyfish Bookshop for helping me find this book. As some of you know (or have gathered) fantasy [...]


Heart of the Matter

Inkberry Books came through with yet another fascinating story. Justin Courter’s The Heart of it All is a little bit mid-life-crisis, a little rebellious and extremely engaging. This review originally appeared in the May 25th edition of the Left Hand Valley Courier. (and here's the vlog!) We first meet narrator John Ritter shortly after he’s [...]

Christmastime is Here!

*Cue Bing Crosby* Happy Holidays! Have I got a story for you...twas two weeks before Christmas, and all through the house, I sat there reading Jenny Colgan's Christmas at Rosie Hopkins' Sweetshop, quiet as a mouse. I gotta say, when I first picked up the book, I thought it would be appropriate for the holidays, but [...]

Gathered Together at Night

They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but that's definitely one way  I go about picking my books. I don't know if it was the flowers or the fact that it reminds me of a painting in my grandmother's house, but when I stumbled across Catherine Banner's The House at the Edge of [...]