Creative Writing Challenge: 2021 A Walk to Remember

Take a seat and let me tell you a short story…

At the beginning of COVID, to be frank, I was a bit of a mess–my world, like many others was rocked and completely changed. To keep some semblance of sanity, I started doing yoga, writing poems, started writing a new manuscript, and would take daily walks. On the weekends, I would go on longer ones, usually to the stinky lake next to the golf course just across the road.

One day, much like today in fact, I felt INSPIRED. I practically ran home to write this short story.

And then I got sick–don’t worry, it wasn’t COVID–and my day job became more stressful, and the weather got cold and I only went on my walks sporadically at best. I just felt tired. Worn out. The last month and a half has been really weird emotionally, and I didn’t know what to do.

This morning, I woke up, and something inside me said I had to go out. So, I put on my one pair of sweats, like two sweatshirts, grabbed my headphones, and popped on a shuffled playlist of a bunch of those Now! That’s What I Call Music! albums.

I don’t know if it was the breeze, the sunshine, the sounds of geese, the nostalgia of the music, but I felt lighter, I felt creative, and I felt distracted. My mind kept wandering–to the people and places the music reminded me of, to random facts (apparently Forrest Gump‘s Vietnam scenes were filmed on a golf course?), to Ingrid’s poetry contests, to this author interview I did of Gabriel Merithew, to this musical challenge I did on Emma Schaefer (see page 8)… but mostly, I thought of that story I wrote so many months ago.

So enough of the exposition, you clicked on this because you wanted to know about this challenge right?

Well, on my walk, I took this picture:

I call this “Geese and Ice.” The way the ice was broken initially caught my eye, but then I liked how the geese were speckled throughout and thought the mountains looked gorgeous.

For the next week, (DEADLINE: JANUARY 23, 2021) I will be accepting your creative works, be they stories, poems, songs, etc., based on this image, and I will post them on my site.

For submissions, please use this Google Form.

To view submissions, click here.