Author Interview: Alan Parry

“I love the power of language.”

Writer Alan Parry has always dabbled in the written word. Whether it was his venture in the short stories, novels, and even sitcoms, Parry is an experimenter. For a while, he dabbled with songwriting, even wanting to be a musician, but it wasn’t until a poetry unit in his undergrad that he found his passion.

“In terms of style, well, my poems always look and read like mine, they have Parry-isms. But, the work is always written around a broad theme.”

Some of his previous collections have explored perceptions of America (heyo!) and reflected on his hometown. His latest collection, Echoes, is more introspective. Drawing on personal experience and memories, Parry contemplates life, love, and more, all through a poetic lens. Poetry is always a vulnerable medium, but Parry is taking it a step further, all in the effort of showing readers a little more of himself.

This poetic memoir makes sense for Parry, especially as he sees poetry as “good for the body and soul.”

But the soulful topic of Echoes wasn’t always so serious. Initially, Parry had a collection following the theme of fruit. After hearing a personal reading from a colleague and chatting with his own son, Parry was inspired.

In his words, “crafting poems is tough business,” and he is grateful for the support of both editors and family. “Home and relationships are important to me. I hope this all comes through.”

If nothing else, his passion is certainly apparent. Writing and the creative arts is important to his life and growth. “I’m Alan the writer. It’s a skill I have, I need to keep using it… Writing is therapy.”

Echoes will be available via Rare Swan Press shortly and Parry has an exciting offer: “I’ll send a selection of folk who purchase a copy a handwritten poem as thanks in the post… Who doesn’t enjoy receiving mail?”


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