A Poem: Glass Figurines

I was flipping through my notebook looking for something and found a poem that I wrote from two years ago–I said I’d have something for y’all while I’m on my reviewing break! Like most of my poetry, it’s moody (if I recall correctly, I broke a glass, which shattered, and that was a tipping point for me), but I really liked the imagery, so I thought I’d share…

Originally written August 19, 2019

Trying to hold it together….
     But what for?
     Who for?
We go through the motions of life
even the best of us.
Even those who live in the moment.
Like sand struck by lightning,
we are brought to life—glass figurines.
     But similar.
Long lasting.
     But delicate.
Moved around by others, not in control ourselves.
And sometimes we…
And shatter into many pieces.
Suddenly we’re broken up,
or would it be better to say broken down?
Maybe a small piece—what part?—slices, cutting,
     Cutting, stinging, in a lame attempt at retaliation.
But one that hurts nonetheless
And what happens next?
We salvage what we can,
We reuse,
We throw out all the little negative bits
We try to move on,
Such is life—these things happen.
All that’s left to do is hope to recover.
Hope to be remade stronger,
Waiting for another lighting bolt
To recreate us anew…


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