My, My, Mine

Helllo Internet! Thank you for your patience with my hiatus, I sure hope you missed me 😉 I missed y’all!

You know who else misses someone? The characters in Jason Horton‘s short story Mine. I’ll be honest–I scheduled this a bit ago, so I forgot it was a short story, but I was pleasantly surprised and think it worked out really well as the first book I read upon returning to review-land.

(and if you’re so inclined, here’s a link to my vlog!)

So, Mine. It was excellent–literally my only complaint is that I wanted more story… but Horton’s working on extending the story, so that’s exciting. I really liked it–the story is set in/near London (my UK geography isn’t the best) and focuses on three characters. Jason is a nice guy, he works for a charity, he’s smart, he works out, overall, solid character. Then there’s Lucy, who’s your “basic” bombshell; I put basic in quotes because she’s no bimbo, but a decent amount of her character is based on her beauty. Finally there’s Tristan–you’re gonna love to hate him, and I’m gonna leave it at that.

These three characters all meet in a hotel bar one night and after getting Tristan kicked out (and he swears revenge), Jason and Lucy begin a whirlwind (and short-lived romance). There’s kissing, there’s drama, there are secrets–this short story has a little something for everyone.

Horton’s an excellent writer–he’s descriptive, his dialogue feels natural, there’s just the right amount of showing and telling. I especially liked his use of focalization shifts because I really enjoyed getting into each of the main characters’ heads and seeing the action from their point of view. For a short story, the plot is well developed, a few of the characters’ decisions seemed a little overly-dramatic, but the whole story was engaging and it made sense.

Definitely a good, entertaining read that I’d recommend to people getting into reading, who like romance, realistic fiction, and a little drama.

That’s all I’ve got for now! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for next week’s posts on the second installment in the Capfield series.

Happy Reading!


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