A Whole Lotta Racket

E.P. Spiegel’s book Capfield: Racketeer is a delightfully dark tale reminiscent of the Old West, the Mafia, but focusing around a band of young adults.

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Years ago, Robert Cage’s wife was brutally and mysteriously killed and his son, Jet, had run away. Cage himself goes underground and essentially disappears from public view and public memory. Westley Duke, the son of a prominent and dangerous crime boss runs into Jet, and somewhat surprisingly teams up with him rather than turning him in to both their fathers.

Along the way, they meet some other intense gangsters that join their crew in Jet’s search to find his father… And let me tell you, it is dramatic!

There’s gunfights, torture chambers (but not too gory, don’t worry), car chases, redemption. It’s honestly really good.

Spiegel is a talented author and as a result, the book is really well written. The plot is also well thought out, well paced, and engaging. I also liked how developed the main characters (i.e. Jet and the gang) are, including some of the supporting characters too. They all seemed fairly realistic and even though at times they’re kind of “simple” (Cage is a little psycho and as a villian, spends most of the book being fairly flat, but still scary), they are all really well done.

If you like adventure stories, you’ll like this book. There is some swearing and a little bit of violence/murder/threats, so if those are triggering for you, this might not be the best book for you. That said, the violence and murder isn’t graphic, it’s kinda like PG-13 level, if that. I suppose I wish there was a little more dialogue–I’m a dialogue heavy writer when it comes to fiction–but the dialogue Spiegel wrote was excellent, as were all her descriptions of action, emotion, etc. Keep your eyes peeled for the future books in the series!

That’s all I’ve got for Capfield: Racketeer, be sure to look out for my next posts on Nik Grybaski‘s Black Danube.

Happy Reading!


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