A Poem: Flowers and Memories

Surprise Poetry Sunday!

I wrote this a little while ago, but between feeling emotional this past week and receiving flowers, I felt the need to share. For me, poetry is both private and cathartic–it helps to heal and has been helping me to try and let go.


Sometimes I buy myself flowers,
When no one else can or will.
Then, I press and keep them,
to remember how they once made me feel.


Today as I pasted my new one,
I noticed the daisy had lost its hue.
When I searched for other flowers,
What I found was you.


Peppered among the pages,
Your name is seemingly everywhere.
I didn’t realize how often,
it showed me how much I truly cared.


Seeing how often, how happy I was with you–
it made me shed tears.
But those of joy, because in my journals,
I can look back on some wonderful years.


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