It’s a Match for Me

If you’re looking for a short and sweet, quirky story with a splash of romance and a dash of drama, try reaching for Kadie Scott’s The Wrong Kind of Compatible. It’s so entertaining, I finished it in a couple of hours!

The story takes place in New York and follows Cassie Howard and Drew Kerrigan, two adorable nerds who develop the hots for each other while working in data analytics. However, little does Howard know, Kerrigan is actually an undercover FBI agent investigating the company…and her. She, low key, just thinks he’s trying to steal her job.

What can I say, I loved the story. It was fast paced, well written, entertaining, and there was enough nerdiness to be cute while not being overwhelming. I feel like both the characters of Howard and Kerrigan are pretty relatable, and even if you aren’t all that geeky, you probably know and love someone who is. It was super funny reading how Cassie fell for Drew’s nerdy pick-up lines (like one about wanting to “unzip her files”) and how excited they were to find out they both love the Star Wars movies.

I also loved how Cassie was entirely her own person–she is incredibly smart in her own right (she earned her doctorate early) and is extremely sassy and witty. She knows what she wants–to be the best data analyst at her firm–and she’s motivated to get there. Even though it was a little painful that she didn’t see that Drew did care for her (this is a classic rom-com story), I appreciated that she knew she didn’t need him, but was open to  seeing if things could still work out.

The only reason why this book might be a pass for you is that it is a little nerdy–some of those aforementioned pick up lines are a tad cringey–and it is a romantic comedy. So, especially with the latter, if you’re not into steamy, romantic scenes, a couple parts of this book might make you a little uncomfortable.

But overall, I loved this book! It’s definitely worth the read if you just want a quick and quirky story.

As always, you can send me recommendations for other books to check out. A holiday treat for all of you–look out for next week’s post on Christmas at Rosie Hopkins’ Sweet Shop by Jenny Colgan!

Happy Reading!


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