Snapshot! Reading the “Camera,” Cover to Cover

Gone are the days when sitcoms showed the father reading the daily paper on most episodes. I in turn took up the mantle and read the entire Boulder Daily Camera; and let me tell you, the sports section was a tough one to get through! After reading the entirety of the hard copy, I checked out its digital version, I’ll be honest, not a fan of the website’s layout.

Both front pages contain similar topics such as political issues and various types of local news. On the issue for January 26th, however, there were a number of articles relating to events on CU’s campus. The digital front page also focuses on political issues, but had more of a focus on other local news in Boulder. When comparing articles in both the digital and literal papers, I found that for the most part, they are the same length and they either had the same headlines or very similar ones. For example, the piece about Laverne Cox’s speech were the same length, however, any articles relating to Milo Yiannopoulos’ speech at CU had a different title but seemed relatively the same length. It was interesting exploring the Camera’s website and seeing the variety of slideshows, still photos, and videos associated with various articles.

I chose to more closely examine the article about Boulder declaring its status as a sanctuary city in spite of the President’s executive order. Journalist Alex Burness includes quotes from Boulder’s mayor, Suzanne Jones; the jail division chief, Jeff Goetz; press secretary Sean Spicer; and Boulder spokeswoman Sarah Huntley. This piece seems to be an investigative report as Burness seems to have done some legitimate reporting—a few officials were contacted but declined response. I enjoyed reading how Burness gave a positive look in light of the potential repercussions of the executive order; he gives insight into the statements Mayor Jones has made saying that Boulder will be supportive and welcoming of all immigrants in the area.

I’ve read most of the newspaper before. I’m a huge reader, but admittedly not a fan of the sports section—it bores me. I really enjoy the social articles and the political ones are both interesting and at times infuriating, however I think that it is still important to be informed. It was different but not drastically, I usually read news articles online, either through news apps or social media outlets, such as NYT’s or the Washington Post’s Facebook page, however those are usually stories with either “trending” or slightly more obscure topics which I think is interesting because it shows the two ends of the spectrum of what newspapers publish.



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